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Demistifying the software development process

Software is eating the world, but it’s still hard to build it right. The software development process is one of the most misunderstood thing of the tech industry, and it is often a complex process involving many stakeholders and vendors that takes several months to see results. It doesn't have to be this way.

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Record setting delivery speed

MVP is a functional and safe digital application that covers your most immediate needs

The MVP (Minimum Viable Product) will not have all the features of the final product but it is able to start solving problems for its users immediately. Instead of investing several months of development into a solution that might not work, we place the MVP in front of real users and develop it iteratively as we get more feedback.

No servers, no hassle

We use serverless and cloud components to keep your costs down and productivity up

Cloud architecture is a game-changing technology that allows us to build and scale applications without having to manage servers or build everything from scratch. On top of that we can leverage all sorts of bleeding edge technology components like AI, computer vision, data storage, analytics, and more.

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Integrations & automations


Productivity tools


Web & mobile applications


Data warehousing & reporting


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Products that people enjoy using

UX & UI Design

With a seamless user experience and visually appealing interactions, digital products become a joy to use. They enhance our own capabilities in a way that seems natural. We use Figma to design low and high fidelity mockups of user flows and their actions.

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Rapid and scalable development stack

Software Development

Our toolkit is carefully curated to make sure that we are using the best approaches and technologies when developing your MVP. We use languages and frameworks that allow us quick time-to-market—while being flexible enough to scale as needed.

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When you need to know how you are doing

Product analytics

Product analytics as a service drives businesses growth by providing key insights into user behavior, engagement, and product performance. We can help you implement and analyse product data by implementing data-driven strategies (i.e. cohort analysis, A-B testing, etc.).

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Only pay for what you really use

Cloud deployment

Say goodbye to servers and hardware. Cloud deployment simplifies and accelerates the process of launching your MVP and its infrastructure in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud environment. Your application will scale automatically, and you will only pay for what you actually need.



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Recent work

Image of Connecting a supply chain with cloud procurement case study

Supply Chain Platform

Connecting a supply chain with cloud procurement

Our challenge was to design and build a new procurement platform that would enable supply chain collaboration and end-to-end purchase order management. And we knew it had to have a much better user experience than its larger competitors on the market.

Image of Extending physical events with an online community case study

Event management suite

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