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Identify your digital potential with product discovery

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The toughest puzzle to solve is knowing what and when to build

Product discovery is the process of figuring out what to build, how it should work and who will use it. It’s not as simple as identifying a problem and building a solution, it’s also about understanding what you (our your customers) really want and creating something that will be successful in solving the problem.

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Identifying the right ideas

Every successful project needs to start by identifying needs and discovering opportunities

We're not saying that ideas aren't valuable. They are. But implementing successful digital projects isn’t as simple as coming up with ideas. The most important thing is to correctly identify which ones are worth building. And then build them on a consistently high level of quality.

100% tailored to your goals

We guide you and your team through the whole process step-by-step

We work closely with your team to build a product roadmap that’s right for you. The process starts by aligning your team, understanding your business goals and strategic objectives, and then creating a plan to get there. We help you identify needs and opportunities and discover the best ways to address them through technology—and we create an actionable plan for how each project will move forward.

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How does it work?


Step 1

Assemble your team

The process starts by getting your team together, setting expectations and creating a plan on how each project will move forward.

Step 2

Implement design thinking

We run workshops with your team, conduct user interviews and analyze existing data in order to discover key problems and possible solutions.

Step 3

Choose technology, architecture and tools

When we have a clearer picture of what you need, it is time to decide how to build it. These decisions may have a big impact on cost, time-to-market and scalability.

Step 4

Prototype and validate

We design prototypes for rapid testing with real people in their natural environments, and iterate on those learnings to create products that actually work.

Step 5

Estimate project developoment using Agile

This way you get a transparent understanding of the costs, while retaining the ability to continuously improve assumptions and deliver projects in increments.


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When you need to strategize and prioritize

Product roadmap

A high-level plan that outlines the strategic direction and timeline for the product's development and release. The roadmap helps communicate the intended sequence of features and milestones to everyone.

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When you need alignment and clarity

Product vision

A concise statement that captures the long-term vision for the product and the specific goals it aims to achieve. It serves as a guiding principle for the product development and helps align the team around a shared vision.

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When you are about to start

User research findings

A summary of insights gathered from user research activities, such as interviews, surveys, usability testing, or observation sessions. These findings provide a deeper understanding of user needs, behaviors, and preferences, which can guide product decisions.

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When you need to validate your ideas

Design artifacts

Depending on the product, design artifacts such as wireframes, mockups, or prototypes may be created to visualize and communicate the proposed user interface and interactions.



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Recent work

Image of Connecting a supply chain with cloud procurement case study

Supply Chain Platform

Connecting a supply chain with cloud procurement

Our challenge was to design and build a new procurement platform that would enable supply chain collaboration and end-to-end purchase order management. And we knew it had to have a much better user experience than its larger competitors on the market.

Image of Extending physical events with an online community case study

Event management suite

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