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Who are we?

Co-founder & CPO

Nejc Palir

I’ve honed my skills in various roles within international tech since 2002. Today I pride myself on creating bespoke digital products that free up time for your team by streamlining process, increasing organisational intelligence and automating repetitive tasks. My combined executive and product experience are the perfect digital glue for evolving your business.

Nejc Palir, Co-founder & CPO

Co-founder & CTO

Žiga Vajdič

I am the systematic, premeditating part of the vabisabi brain. Through a decade of experience in the tech industry, I have developed a keen intuition of what works and what doesn't when it comes to people and technology. Today I use this business and engineering experience to help our clients and teams develop well-crafted digital solutions.

Žiga Vajdič, Co-founder & CTO

A massive difference from a large body shop software development agency

Large software development studios with tens or hundreds of employees tend to have varying levels of team quality. If you are their most important client, you may get the best talent, but much more likely you're going to be working with a team that is below average or average at best. Why roll the dice or settle for less if you can always work with the best?

We work with only a few select clients at any given time

This allows us to focus on providing our clients with best the possible service and delivery each and every time. We want to immerse ourselves in your world and challenges, which would have been impossible if we were more interested in selling new projects.

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Why vabisabi?

We facilitate organisational learning and help you develop your digital potential

We work closely with your team and your customers, in order to fundamentally understand your goals and challenges. Our solutions are built specifically for you, making sure that you unlock unprecedented efficiency and discover new value streams.

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We work fast, and improve in increments, making sure that you start seeing results immediately

Your business results are our definition of success. As former executives ourselves, we know how important it is to pursue the right things. Working with us means that you get to see and evalute results in 1 to 2 weeks, as opposed to several months.

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Combining your know-how with our experience in order to build industry defining solutions

We deliver international experience working with Fortune 500 companies, and apply it to your business problems. Get ready to become the new industry standard.

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Our values

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We want to deliver best-in-class solutions, and we're not afraid to keep working until we get there.

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We are dilligent thinkers, but we move to act quickly. We always prioritizie outcomes over anything else.

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We help our clients and eachother to the best of our abilities, and we make sure that everyone can succeed.

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We want to make sure that we are always solving problems that are most important and impactful.

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